cuba diving is unique in that it permits direct, close-up, personal experience of the beauty and wonder of the natural world at its richest and most exotic. Remarkably, this can also be done comfortably and affordably with easy and immediate access. You simply book a holiday to one of the thousands of dive resorts or live aboard dive boats around the world, put on your dive gear, hop into the water and there you are, weightlessly gliding through a fairytale world of exquisite beauty.   As an added bonus you have a large choice from among some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Golden Dolphin presents an exceptional selection of high quality dive content from around the world. Text and image stories, are combined with DVD quality video, high resolution slide shows, and seamless access to web based content all interlinked into a high impact multimedia presentation.  Altogether the GD content comprises over 290 feature stories which include some 6000 photographs and 12 hours of video.

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