About Meredith Starck

Meredith Starck has maintained a strong interest in health and fitness since her teenage years when she began practicing yoga in daily life. Growing up between Canada, the Caribbean, and North Queensland and with  Canadian and Dutch Indonesian parents she absorbed an early appreciation of the taste of foods from a diversity of cultures. In the early 1980ís as a young adult she set out to explore the world. She went to Washington D.C. where she opened a catering business called Contempoary Cuisine. Her food caught on and soon was in demand with a number of high profile clients. These included corporations, embassies, the arts community, and even the White House.

During her three years in Washington she was also introduced to and undertook three years of intensive training in a unique natural form of inner exploration and expressive dance known as Synergy. Subsequently she has incorporated elements of Synergy into her ongoing practice of yoga to develop her own unique style of body movement. This natural union of inner exploration and expressive movement, is a realm where rhythms and harmony meet. This is the movement of energy and is the focus of our quest for balance and health. A class starts with slow rhythmical circular movement stimulating the energy pathways of the chakra system and progresses into stronger more flowing dance movements. 

"Becoming a yoga teacher is a small part of the journey. I have been given amazing opportuinities to continue to grow and develop a practice. My teaching took a radical change with my ongoing Scaravelli training under Diane Long and Paddy Mcgrath, both master teachers.

Elemental practice in  nature is an essential part of my teaching. Each class offers a new guided experience. For over a decade I have taught Dawn Yoga on The Strand Headland overlooking the ocean.

For many years I have also taught a chair based yoga class at the Townsville Womens Center offering all women access to a broader holistic practice. It is conducted beneath four grand mango trees, and is one of my special places.

I teach weekly chakra yoga flow classes at Belama House on Magnetic Island.

Several times each year I facilitate holistic retreats in wonderful natural spaces.

I feel blessed to have been born from a mother who encouraged me to follow your dreams, to honour who you are and to love .